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In August, CCB Subsea supported Namtvedt-Sealmaker Services to reinstate well integrity on a gas well on one of the major gas storage facilities to the German and European gas market*.

From mobilisation in Norway till final acceptance test on site in Germany, it took 8 days. The Operator’s alternative was to shut down the well and recomplete – which would implicate reduced capacity and very high cost. Integrity on wells and infrastructure is essential for the supply and storage of energy in a mix of fossil fuels and renewables, and Sealmaker repairs is the unique high value and low cost measure for better resource utilization on both onshore, offshore and subsea systems for the industry going forward.

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The importance of natural gas supply and infrastructure:

Natural gas will continue to make a significant contribution to energy supply in many European countries over the coming decades. Gas is a flexible and versatile energy source for generating electricity, storing energy and – looking to the future – as a storage facility for renewable electricity as well as for mobility. Natural gas is cheaper and more climate-friendly compared to other fossil fuels as it produces less CO2, and one example of future application is ‘Power-to-Gas’ where renewable hydrogen is blended into a portion of the existing natural gas infrastructure to offset the carbon content of the fuel.

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