The PITCH is designed for landing on the HXT re-entry hub and pull the Internal Tree Cap in open sea. With it’s 1400kg, it is light weight and easy to handle on wire from a vessel or rig, and operated subsea by the ROV.

It has the following benefits:

  • Pulls ITC with 125 tons force
  • Protects seal surface on both ITC and re-entry hub during the landing, pulling and recovery operation
  • Operated by the ROV
  • Run overboard with a subsea crane or winch

May be configurable to other operations; example is open water pulling of Bore Protector.

Sharing and circular economy in Subsea

– Higher utilization of existing tooling and improve operational efficiency

– Reuse permanently installed equipment and capital spares
– Use tooling across operators/ licenses
– Surplus equipment transferred across operators

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