Our engineering can be offered as specialized skills, or as physical products. We challenge existing solutions by designing and developing more sustainable ones.

We know the relevant standards and customer technical requirements for subsea, well control and drilling equipment. Together with sub suppliers, we deliver:

  • System design and operational planning
  • Design and manufacturing of equipment for operational efficiency
  • Overhaul and life cycle management of subsea equipment and drilling equipment
  • Modification and manufacturing of bigger structures
  • Re-certification of well control equipment
  • Inspections, Repairs and Modifications related to LRP Systems, LMRP and BOP, XT portfolio, Wellhead portfolio, Well Intervention


As a system-independent supplier, our FEED studies help operators find business opportunities – across different OEMs and systems.

There are savings to be found through early assessment of subsea reuse and sharing, as well as operation optimalization and efficiency measures.

This applies for all subsea projects; whether it is early phase feasibility studies on greenfield development projects, planning of brownfield workover or life-extension projects. With our studies you get:

  • Assessment of alternative subsea concepts with reuse and sharing of equipment and tools
  • Evaluation of interfaces, need for redesign and fabrication of elements
  • Identification of available equipment and tools in subsea sharing platform
  • High level timeline, scope of work and cost

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