We focus on ESG

CCB Subsea is a young agile company contributing to climate neutrality, resource efficiency and circular solutions within drilling and subsea.
  • Several locations along the Norwegian coast and abroad reduce the need for travel and transport
  • Sharing and re-use of tool and equipment
  • Re-design and engineering for more efficient operations
  • Maintenance of equipment and tools
  • Re-certification of well control equipment
  • Run project “Upcycling” for permanently installed subsea equipment
We actively work on being an attractive and significant workplace, and build pride and community by giving something back to society.  We ensure that our employees’ competence is increased and maintained, and offer competitive pay and pension conditions.
We shall carry out our business in a responsible and ethically sound manner.  Our management system supports our culture and behavior, and a risk-based internal control system protect and follow up our organization.


In our business activities, we will comply with applicable laws and regulations and act in an ethical, sustainable and socially responsible manner according to our established Ethical Code of Conduct.  It describes our commitment and requirements in connection with issues of an ethical nature that relate to business practice and personal conduct.
The Ethical Code of Conduct applies to the organization and to its individual employees, board members, hired personnel, consultants and others who act on CCB Subsea’s behalf.  These are also applicable for performance of any work performed by our suppliers.
All stakeholders are required to familiarize themselves with and follow the ethical guidelines covering:
  • Bribery and corruption
  • Gifts, hospitality and expenses
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Forced labor
  • Freedom of Association and right to collective bargaining
  • Working agreements
  • Salaries and staffing
  • Environment, health and safety
  • Standard to business partners, agents, intermediaries and suppliers
  • Client’s ethical guidelines
CCB Subsea undertakes to maintain and strengthen a governance system in line with international best practice standards, able to deal with the variations of situations in which we operate, and with the challenges to face for sustainable development.

QHSE & Certifications

Our Quality Management System is implemented throughout the entire company and defines the principles by which we conduct our operations with regards to Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment.

The Management System is certified by DNVGL according to:

  • Quality Management System standard ISO 9001:2015
  • Environmental Management System standard 14001:2015

CCB Subsea meets the requirements described in the NORSOK S-006 HSE Evaluation of contractors, and is qualified as a supplier in the Achilles JQS and EPIM JQS.

Management communicates our Quality and HSE philosophy to all employees, clients, suppliers, and third parties associated with our business, and we provide positive evidence of conformance to the system through audits, quality control, continuous improvement and reporting system for our internal HSEQ activities as well as all documents, flowcharts and procedures.

Leadership, good risk understanding and continuous focus on safety are essential. We work systematically on improving HSE. We have a ZERO philisophy on personal injuries, work related illness, material damage and pollution.

Cecilie SælenCEO