Drilling services

We offer engineering, project execution and operational services. In addition to this you can request storage maintenance of subsea drilling equipment and tools to full recertification of well control equipment.

Drilling well control equipment

Our customers are drilling companies, rig owners and drilling equipment suppliers.

Services are provided as maintenance, inspection, repair and modification of drilling and subsea well control equipment in cooperation with suppliers, OEMs, rig contractor and class society. You will have engineering services, overhauling, maintenance designs with type approval and repair, all performed onboard your rig, in our yard workshop or offshore.

Our partnership with CCB Yard enables us to execute the rig or vessel maintenance efficiently environmentally friendly .

Services and resources

  • Project Management
  • Logistics
  • Inspections
  • Maintenance and overhaul
  • Repair and modifications
  • Disassembly of equipment and systems
  • Preservation & Storage
  • Modification and manufacturing of bigger structures
  • Overhaul and life cycle management of subsea equipment and drilling equipment
  • Inspections, Repairs and Modifications related to LRP Systems, LMRP and BOP, XT portfolio, Wellhead portfolio, Well Intervention

Recertification of well control equipment

We are well acquainted with the relevant standards governing design and recertification of well control equipment. The process is done in cooperation with an independent third party and a technical representative from the client.

DNV’s Recommended Practice DNV-RP-E101 – “Recertification of well control equipment” is followed for all our recertification projects. Together with DNV, we ensure your well control equipment is fit for another five years!

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