The THRET is designed for safe retrieval of the Tubing Hanger. It is run on drillpipe, latches into the TH and pulls the lock sleeve by using BOP pressure underneath a variable ram or the annular bag.

The benefits of the tool in addition to it is simple and quick running is:

  • 450 ton+ pulling capacity on TH and completion
  • 170 ton+ pulling capacity on lock sleeve
  • Possible to overpull after latching to ensure proper engagement to TH
  • 3,5” internal diameter and possible to circulate and strip while pulling TH
  • Possible to run with integrated isolation sleeve
  • Quick reset on rig to run next run

Sharing and circular economy in Subsea

– Higher utilization of existing tooling and improve operational efficiency

– Reuse permanently installed equipment and capital spares
– Use tooling across operators/ licenses
– Surplus equipment transferred across operators

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