THRUT is designed inhouse and allows for revolutionary Mechanical Umbilical-less installation of Tubing Hangers on subsea completions.  

No need for WOCS & TH umbilical onboard the rig, CAPEX and OPEX costs is significantly reduced.
THRUT made up to Tubing Hanger ONSHORE
THRUT designed for handling of TH on rig, no need for separate TH Handling Tool

Reduce Operational time – Reduced rig time

Status per Nov 2023: Field-proven on 20 subsea wells

THRUT Reduce Risks:

  • Less Equipment / Less Interfaces
  • Time in Red Zone
  • Clamping of Umbilical
  • Reduce risk of damaging TH in Flex Join

THRUT significantly reduce:

  • Rig time and emmissions
  • Operational risk for personnel
  • Mobilization and operational cost

Sharing and circular economy in Subsea

– Higher utilization of existing tooling and improve operational efficiency

– Reuse permanently installed equipment and capital spares
– Use tooling across operators/ licenses
– Surplus equipment transferred across operators

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