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Service companies CCB Subsea and Wellis MPcD have entered into a mutual agreement for delivery of project resources to each other in relations with workshop maintenance, mob/demob and offshore operations.

Activity level for a service company is depending on our clients’ operations, hence the need for resources varies. With this agreement both companies have strengthened their capacity, competence and availability to the benefit of safe and efficient execution of scope in the workshops onshore and during operations offshore. Resources are trained to secure required competence and qualifications for the different equipment and systems, and training cost is split between the parties.

In CCB Subsea we have already seen the value of sharing subsea equipment and tools, and it is exciting to see how we can extend the sharing concepts to new parts of our business

Cristian CarterCEO in CCB Subsea

CCB Subsea is supporting operators as consultants through NOROG’s SubQuip sharing portal, part of Supply Chain Management digital collaboration toolbox Virtual Inventory

This agreement strengthens the quality, availability and flexibility of the services and products provided by CCB Subsea and Wellis MPCD. In a sharpened market situation we are positioned well to meet our Clients needs and continue to improve the total service provision.


Following familiarization, courses and hands-on training, CCB Subsea and Wellis personnel have rigged up the PCD system from Wellis for Equinor on the Kvitebjørn platform.  The PCD will be a part of the planned Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) on the platform, operated by CCB Subsea and Wellis supplied personnel.


Wellis MPcD is a Norwegian drilling service company founded in 2005. Our headquarters is located on Sotra on the west coast of Norway. We provide products, services and technology for Managed Pressure (MPD) and Underbalanced Drilling (UBD) operations.
Since 2005 we have developed, patented and commercialised new innovative products and built up a strong, dedicated team. Over the years we have gained comprehensive experience and knowledge and placed Wellis MPcD in a exciting position, challenging the company’s established competitors on the global MPD market.
Today the PCD systems are commercially available and we are proud to have been awarded several contracts demonstrating the excellence and proven reliability of our products in demanding drilling operations.
We are a growing organisation and will need to expand our team by finding talented people during the forthcoming years.

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