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Our business model is to deliver sustainable services and products to help our clients achieve their climate goals. To visualize the impact, we have developed a climate dashboard in PowerBI.

Case ‘Local execution’: CCB Subsea delivers services at bases along the coast. Services are executed in cooperation with resources employed locally. One case is local execution of make/break services in Kristiansund, hence saved km for transport of equipment. This climate dashboard visualizes the impact in saved emmissions of CO2 and saved cost.

Case ‘Offshore’: CCB Subsea designs and develops products and tools that reduces time and cost, reduces operational risk, reduces modification on rigs, and hence reduces CO2 footprint on subsea well completions. In this dashboard we visualize CO2 emmissions saved due to reduced rig time and the given CO2 emmissions per hour for specific rig used in the operation.

Our business model is based on circular economy; from maintenance, repair, overhaul, recertification, modificaiton, re-engineering, and innovation for upcycling of subsea equipment, tools and systems.

Design and engineering in cooperation with our clients = Climate action in practice with great impact on sustainability!

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